Aran’s traditional milk is pure A2 milk, <a href=””>Nattu Kozhi Muttai Chennai</a>, <a href=””>Organic Milk Chennai</a>, <a href=””>A2 Milk Chennai</a>, <a href=””>Cow Milk Chennai</a>, <a href=””>Naatu Maatu Paal Chennai</a>  Chennai hand-milked in a traditional way from healthy native Indian breeds and reaches your doorstep.Milking ProcessThe milking is done from indigenous cows by using hands. No machines are used in order to ensure no harm is done to the cowsPacking MethodsAs soon as milking is done, the milk is filtered and packed in the FSSAI certified place with hairnets and gloves on this packing is done into the 50 microns wrappers which are not reactive to the food items. Again, no machines are used for packing to contribute to the environment, as they consume more water and power.Milk DeliveryAs soon as packing and quality check are done, the milk packets are collected and brought for delivery.