Wrap Bracelet Black Lava Rock and Black Onyx

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Signature Pendant “Ä” Aura 925 Solid Silver – Gold Plated

Signature “A”Aura Ball 925 Solid Silver – Gold Plated 8mm

Logo Ball White Crystal 925 Solid Silver – Gold Plated 6mm

Signature Aura Spacer 925 Solid Silver – Gold Plated 6mm-4mm

Black Onyx (Matte Faceted) 6mm Black Onyx (Faceted) 6mm

Black Onyx 6 mm Lava Rock 6mm


The Onyx is a perfect soothing rock that helps to stop the bad habits. This encourages clear thinking and faith while managing to regulate one’s feelings and passions. It helps reduce tension and negative emotions and is perfect for relaxation and optimistic thoughts.

Lava Rock

Lava rock is a volcanic material that emerges from molten and boiling lava from the depths of the earth. It is considered as the tangible representation of fire and so as a result, a powerful force is believed to bring strength, commitment, and passion to those who wear it.Lava rock also is called a defensive stone repelling negativity. Brings stability in periods of transition as a stone of defense, power and productivity. It is often effective in dissipating anger and providing assistance and understanding. A very grounded rock, black lava reinforces Mother Earth’s attachment.


Onyx has a particular affinity to Leo, rather than to Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, and Libra. Mars and Saturn are its planets, and Fire is its Element.

Silver / Gold Plated

Like gold, silver symbolizes prosperity and a wide range. It raises the effectiveness of most stones while activating all of them for their prospects that is biggest. It is the material of thoughts, your head this is certainly psychic and of loving and curing.

All of the collection is built to purchase, please allow 3 to 5 times before delivery.Our bracelets are handmade one by one, with a number this is certainly restricted of every each.

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