Lion & Onyx Bracelet Focusing on Discipline-Self-Mastery

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Lion Charm 925 Solid Silver 10mm-8mmLogo Lock 925 Solid Silver 10mm-10mmSignature “A” Aura Ball 925 Solid Silver 6mmSignature Aura Spacer 925 Solid Silver 6mm-4mmSignature Aura Spacer 925 Solid Silver 6mm-4mmLogo Bead 925 Solid Silver 6mmLogo bead 925 Solid Silver 6mmBlack Onyx (Matte) 6mm

OnyxThe Onyx stone is a fantastic soothing stone that helps to stop bad practices. This encourages rational thinking and faith while helping to regulate one’s feelings and passions. Onyx helps reduce tension and negative emotions and is perfect for relaxation and optimistic dreams.

Zodiac AffinityThis stome has a strong affinity to Leo, and less to Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, and Libra. It has a Quaternion Power, Mars and Saturn are its planets, and element of Fire.

Lion CharmAs some might expect, the symbolic meaning of lions deals primarily with power. Because it is a nocturnal creature, the lion is an icon of dominance and control over subconscious thinking An ancient representation of sun supremacy, strength, ferocity and courage.

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