Outlook user has been suffering from issues due to which users are not to either send or receive emails. Due to the reason user are confused about the situation and not aware what to do in these sort of problem. Well there are numerous ways in which certain problem arises and it is very necessary for users to be aware about these conditions. It will help users in times when Outlook don’t perform its jo correctly. Below to make it easy for user we have provided some of the reasons for not sending and receiving emails from Outlook.

  • Go ahead and check if your internet connection is active or not, if internet connection is not established than Outlook will not work properly.
  • If the software has not been installed correctly than user will not be able to send or receive emails.
  • If the storage capacity of your system is running low than, Outlook will stop the process for sending and receiving emails.

Now these were some of the reasons for Outlook to not send and receive emails. If users are also suffering from such sort of problem than feel free to call us at Outlook Customer Care Number 1-85-617-9111.


More Info: https://www.outlook-technical-help.com/

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